Reviews are perhaps the single most important thing to look at when choosing a carpet cleaning company. Unfortunately it is easy to fake reviews, so it is important for you to look at reviews on external websites rather than those published on the business owners website. Some external review websites such as Checkatrade and Which? go a extra step further by verifying that the reviews are from a genuine customer of the business.

Premier Carpet Cleaning have hundreds of genuine positive reviews listed on a variety of online platforms. Click on some of the images below to view our reviews on these external websites.

Premier Carpet Cleaning
Checkatrade information for Premier Carpet Cleaning


Only about half of the cleaners youll find locally have completed any formal training. You'll likely get a poor quality job and risk damage of your carpet or upholstery by over wetting or use of the wrong product.

Premier Carpet Cleaning technicians have all under going the very best training in both carpet and upholstery cleaning and often update our training. We also proudly publish our certificates to prove that we have taken this time and expense.


A very small proportion of local cleaners are actually insured for damage of the items being cleaned and other items in your house.

Premier Carpet Cleaning is fully insured for public liability and damage to both what we are cleaning and other items in your home. We publish our insurance certicates to prove this.

Criminal Checks

Would you want a stranger entering your home, working alongside your family and valuable possessions? Most local carpet cleaners do not regulary have a criminal register check and do not publish the results.

Premier Carpet Cleaning is endorsed by both Checkatrade, Trading Standards and Which? Trusted Traders. These industry bodies only endorse local businesses that pass an interview, have insurance, pass criminal register checks and are qualified to do the work advertised.


Saving money on equipment, insurance, training, products etc means that there are cheaper cleaners in the local area. These cleaners will often charge per room rather than take into account how much time each unique job requires. Often they will add on cost when they are in your property and put pressure on you to spend more.

Premier Carpet Cleaning work out their prices on a job to job basis as there are lots of variables in the amount of time that a job takes. Quotes are provided which is will be maximum you will pay on completion of the job. Often we charge less than quoted if less time is spent than expected.

When it comes to specialist cleaning, you really do get what you pay for. Often Premier Carpet Cleaning get called out to rectify or improve a clean performed by a cheaper business.


When most customers think of carpet cleaning, they think of a hot water extraction machine which rinses the carpet and then sucks out the dirty water. This is only one small part of a thorough carpet clean, many cleaners will only perform this step of the process and will achieve substandard results. These machines vary greatly in performance, both the pressure that the machine can spray the carpet at and also the force the vaccums can remove the dirty water. Inexperienced or cheaper carpet cleaners will often use old, sub-standard, poorly maintained and under powered equipment which does a poor job.

Premier Carpet Cleaning is dedicated to providing the best cleaning resuts and the best service that is value for money. Only the very best, high powered equipment is used, meaning that you get a much more effective clean. Cheaper options on the market will only perform the rinse part of the process. Rinsing is only one step of several in the through clean that we perform. View the services menu at top of this page for a detailed explanation of how we clean carpets and upholstery.


Passionate about providing the highest quality professional carpet cleaning.

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