What to expect?

Premier Carpet Cleaning techinicians strive to be polite, courteous, on time and provide fantastic cleaning results to your carpets. Fully trained by industry recognised bodies and fully insured to clean the carpets in your home. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, and if you are not entirely happy with the results then I will return to try and correct any problems.

Many carpet cleaning competitors or "Splash & Dash" companies as I like to call them simply just rinse your carpets (the last step of our process below). Premier Carpet Cleaning takes from extensive training and experience to provide a carpet cleaning service which gets the best results every time.

Professional Vacuum Cleaning

Forget your Dyson, Vax or Trusty old Henry. Vacuum cleaning a carpet with an upright Sebo vacuum cleaner is quite different. The carpet fibres are brushed and agitated with a fast spinning brush to free up any dirt before the high power vacuum removes it. It might be hard to beleieve but up to 70% of the soiling in your carpets can be removed by professional vacuum cleaning.

Survey the carpet

Whilst preparing the carpet, the Premier Carpet Cleaning techinician will be surveying the carpet, looking for stains & identifying areas of high soiling. With the customers input, the technician will identify the cause of any stains and understand what sort of usage the carpet has had. Using this information the technician will plan how to pre-treat each area of your carpet to achieve the best results.


Premier Carpet Cleaning carry a comprehensive collection of cleaning products & utilize a wide range of techniques to deal with each stain or smell. Individual spots are treated before a pleasent smelling pre-spray is applied to the whole carpet. Pre-spray breaks down grease and general grime, loosening it from the carpet fibres.


Pre treatment products are worked into the carpet with a professional agitation machine called a Sebo Duo. This device powerfully agitates the carpet, working the pre treatment products into the carpets and further loosening any dirt grime and stains.


Premier Carpet Cleaning utilize the very latest 600PSI Alltec Advance carpet cleaning machines (up to 6 times as powerful as some competitors machines) to powerfully rinse the carpet with a high quality cleaning product. The simultaneous high pressure water jet and powerful suction leaves the carpet clean, fresh and only slightly damp to the touch.


Passionate about providing the highest quality professional carpet cleaning.

Latest News

⭐️ Super Saturday ⭐️

Hope everyone is having a great weekend so far!

Jacob, Joel and Chris were out early this morning visiting properties around Stevenage.

The Premier boy’s cleans today involved carpets, bedrooms, stairs, a mattress, a large corner sofa, chair & footstall! 💪🏼🧼

Testing our our new @legendbrandsrestoration Dri-Pod’s today on some freshly cleaned carpets, sofas and a mattress!

Great little powerful & portable fans to improve drying times, much lighter and more versatile than our big heavy fan which is more suited to large rooms. 💨

Another great quality wool carpet this afternoon in Welwyn Garden City.

The new occupants of this lovely home were wanting a freshen up of their carpet as the previous owner had pets and there was a distinct dog smell.

Lounge & dining room thoroughly cleaned including all ...
A few snaps from this lovely property in Tewin this morning.

Refresh for the lounge, bedroom, landing & stairs - a great quality wool loop carpet looking it’s best again. Clean, hygienic and smelling good.