For free advice or quotations, please don't hesitate to contact us. Often it is useful to contact via a message as you can send pictures and videos.

Feel free to call, text or WhatsApp us on 07734 191140. We aim to respond ASAP, usually instantly.

Alternitively you can contact us via email at

We accept cash, bank transfer and credit/debit cards.

We have comprehensive public liability insurance for anyone working under our name with Gleaming Insurance who specialize in insurance for cleaning companies. We invite you to view our public liability insurance documentation.

You wouldnt want just anyone working in your home alongside your family and treasured posessions. As part of the stringent Checkatrade enrolment process, we have been fully checked and cleared of an past criminal activity.

There are alot of variables that decide drying time such as temperature and humidity of the environment and the amount of water we have used to get the carpet clean. In a warm, well ventilated space carpets are typically dry in 2-3 hours.

It is important that you open as many windows and doors as possible (even just a small amount helps). Sometimes we will use fans like the ones pictured to speed up the drying process.

Yes! You can walk on the carpets, they are however more sensitive to soiling when wet, so please make sure you walk on them with clean feet/socks/shoes!

Stain removal depends on alot of things, what caused of the stain, type of carpet and temperature. No cleaner can guarentee the removal of a stain or mark. If you send us a photo and description we are happy to give you our professional opinion and the odds of it being removed.

We use a variety of products and techniques depending on the stain and type of carpet.

Usually only in older drafty properties we often see dark lines around the edge of rooms, under airing cupboard doors (as per the picture) and rarely along the gaps in the floor boards below.

These marks are caused by draft air using the carpet as a filter and depositing pollution from the air over time. They take many years to appear as the deposits build up. Usually they remove completely of improve drastically by using special products and techniques, they will however return over time.

No we are a thriving small business growing based on our fantastic reputation, high quality work and fair prices. We have numerous offices in Hertfordshire, London & Northamptonshire. No matter where you are you can be sure you will be serviced by the very best equipment and highly trained technicians.